Montreal Press Club by-laws

“The Montreal Press Club remains a beacon of journalistic integrity in today’s constantly shifting media landscape, where freedom of expression is increasingly challenged worldwide.”


In 1948, foreign correspondents returning from World War II sought a sanctuary to share the burden of their common experiences and talk shop, and founded the Montreal Press Club. Other press professional soon joined, and the club opened its own private rooms in the Laurentien Hotel on then Dorchester Street, later moving to the Mount Royal Hotel on Peel Street. The club soon became a favourite watering hole those in media and public relations alike.

Originally incorporated as the Montreal Men’s Press Club, the club strove to contemporize and, in 1969, women were invited to become full-fledged members. This seemed an apt opportunity to drop the “Men’s” from the title, whereupon the club became known as the Montreal Press Club.

Over the years, the club has hosted some of the world’s leading journalists as well as a panoply of movie stars, musicians, sports figures, political leaders, and business personalities. The press club has also been home to many celebrated Montrealers, such as as Roméo LeBlanc, René Lévesque, Mordecai Richler, Ted McCormick, Walter S. Thompson, Roland Coté, Cyrille Felteau, Jacques Payac, and Robert Stewart.

Today, the MPC holds regular events and meetings at the University Club, in the heart of downtown, and maintains proud tradition of the press in Montreal.

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