FIS Irish Writers Evening, Monday, December 14th, 5:30 pm, Hurley’s Irish Pub, 1225 Crescent The Federation of Irish Societies presents the Irish Writers’ Evening


The evening will feature: Peter Kirby, Denis Sampson, and Alan Hustak. Come hear from three fine Montreal Irish writers, and enjoy a pint at Happy Hour prices alongside complimentary finger food!

Monday, December 14th, 2015 5:307:30 p.m.
Hurley’s Irish Pub 1225 Crescent Street

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 24 November, 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM – The Pitch of Your Life: How to Write a Powerful Book Proposal

The Pitch of Your Life: How to Write a Powerful Book Proposal

When: Tuesday, November 24, 7:30–9:30 p.m.
Where: Atwater Library Auditorium, 1200 Atwater Avenue

Book proposals are sales pitches. In this 2-hour seminar, bestselling Canadian author Julie Barlow breaks down the process of writing a nonfiction book proposal by explaining what agents and publishers are looking for, and how to convince them you will deliver it. Even writers considering self-publishing will see how a good book proposal can help you write, publish and promote your non-fiction book.



Julie Barlow is the co-author of five non-fiction books including The Story of French, The Story of Spanish and Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong. Her new book, The Bonjour Effect, is due out in April 2016. Winner of QWF’s Mavis Gallant Prize, Julie has written for newspapers and magazines in Canada and the US, including the New York Times and USA Today. She speaks widely about her writing and is a regular contributor to Quebec public affairs magazine L’actualité.

Admission: $20 for PWAC members ($30 for non-members)

You can pre-register for this session by email to

See you there!

Monday, 16 November, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM – Thinking Out Loud: A Conversation about Journalism and Human Rights, featuring Amberin Zaman

Featuring Amberin Zaman, veteran Turkish journalist and analyst and Kyle Matthews, Senior Deputy Director, Montreal Institute for Genocide Studies, in conversation with Susan Sachs, Foreign Editor for The Globe and Mail.amberin-zaman


Amberin Zaman has covered Turkey for The Economist for the past 17 years and was a regular contributor to The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and The Daily Telegraph. She is a columnist for one of Turkey’s leading digital news platforms, Diken and also for Al-Monitor, with a focus on the Kurds, the Syrian conflict and Turkish Armenian reconciliation.

Kyle Matthews is the Senior Deputy Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies at Concordia University and a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. His work focuses on human rights, international security, the Responsibility to Protect, global threats, and social media and technology. At Concordia, he founded the Digital Mass Atrocity Prevention Lab and the Raoul Wallenberg Legacy of Leadership project.

Susan Sachs is an award-winning journalist whose career has spanned the globe. Before joining the Globe as its Kabul correspondent, she was posted in Istanbul, Baghdad and Cairo by The New York Times and in Cairo and Moscow by Newsday. Her reporting has been honoured with prizes from, among others, the Overseas Press Club and Investigative Reporters and Editors in the United States.



Friday, October 30, 8 am – The Future of Journalism in Canada – Coffee with The Economist’s Madelaine Drohan, Montreal Gazette Offices

Madelaine Drohan photographed in her Ottawa home, Tuesday, September 11, 2007. (The Globe and Mail/Patrick Doyle) CANADA
Madelaine Drohan photographed in her Ottawa home, Tuesday, September 11, 2007. (The Globe and Mail/Patrick Doyle) CANADA


Madelaine Drohan, Canadian correspondent for The Economist and 2015 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow, will be speaking this Friday at The Gazette’s offices on the future of journalism in Canada. We invite all Montreal Press Club members to attend this conversation over coffee with one of the country’s foremost journalists, at no cost!Time: Friday, October 30, 8 a.m. to 9.15 a.m.
Location: 1010 Ste Catherine Ouest,  suite 200 Montreal, QC,  H3B 5L1
Price: No charge

Cocktails with Radio-Canada’s war correspondents – Tuesday, September 8

Cocktails with Radio-Canada’s war correspondents – Tuesday, September 8 

Michel Cormier
Michel Cormier, Chief Information Officer at Radio-Canada

On Tuesday, September 8th, the Montreal Press Club, in conjunction with the University Club, hosted a discussion with Michel Cormier and Benoit Suire, two Radio-Canada journalists who will speak about preparing for war zone coverage, and how Radio-Canada manages the risks of war reporting.

Michel Cormier is the Chief Information Officer at Radio-Canada. During his thirty-year career, he was parliamentary correspondent in Ottawa, Bureau Chief on Parliament Hill in Quebec, correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Beijing. He covered the reconstruction of Russia, the war in Afghanistan, major European debates, conflicts in the Middle East and the rise of China. He interviewed Hamid Karzai, Benazir Bhutto and Vladimir Putin. His assignments have taken him to forty countries. Michel Cormier is the author of four books, including “La Russie des illusions”, that was a finalist for the GovernorGeneral Award. His most recent: Les héritiers de Tiananmen, retraces the activists’ path toward democracy in China. He received the Anick and JudithJasmin Award. The three main objectives of Mr. Cormier’s office are to maintain the tradition of investigative journalism at Radio-Canada, to ensure the relevance of the public broadcaster in the social media universe and to lead the digital transformation successfully. Michel will share his experiences as a journalist covering several war zones such as Afghanistan and Russia.

Benoit Suire
Benoit Suire, High risk deployment Manager at CBC –
Radio Canada

Mr. Benoit Suire is the High risk deployment Manager at CBC – Radio Canada, since 2013. With a Master’s degree in History from Toulouse-le-Mirail University and a Master in strategic information management at EGE (École de Guerre Économique) Paris, he was the Cabinet Chief and Communications officer at French Airborne for 6 years and Senior Communications Manager for the French Ministry of Defence for more than 5 years. After several professional assignments across Europe, Asia and Africa, M. Suire acquired extensive experience in creating and implementing strategic communication policies within the defence sector and creating essential links between government and industry. Benoit will discuss how journalists prepare for covering war zones and how Radio-Canada manages these risks


Tuesday, September 8 | 5 p.m. Presentation at 6 p.m. Cash bar on location Bilingual presentation

$25 plus taxes and administration

Dress code: Business casual

Location: The University Club of Montreal 2047, Mansfield St., H3A 1Y7

Les journalistes dans les zones de guerre

Une discussion avec Radio-Canada sur la façon dont les journalistes se préparent pour couvrir des zones de guerre et comment Radio-Canada gère ces risques, à travers le témoignage de première main d’un journaliste engagé.

Michel Cormier est directeur-général de l’information à la Société Radio-Canada. En trente ans de carrière à Radio-Canada, il a été correspondant parlementaire à Ottawa, chef de bureau à la colline parlementaire à Québec, correspondant à Moscou, Paris et Pékin. Il a couvert la recomposition de la Russie, la guerre en Afghanistan, les grands débats européens, les conflits au Moyen- Orient et l’essor de la Chine. Il a interviewé Hamid Karzai, Benazir Bhutto et Vladimir Poutine. Ses affectations l’ont mené dans quarante pays. Michel Cormier est l’auteur de quatre livres, dont La Russie des Illusions, qui a été finaliste pour le prix du Gouverneur-Général. Son plus récent, Les héritiers de Tiananmen, retrace le parcours des militants pour la démocratie en Chine. Il est récipiendaire des prix Anick et Judith- Jasmin. Ses trois grands objectifs comme directeur-général de l’information sont de maintenir la tradition du journalisme d’enquête à Radio-Canada, assurer la pertinence du diffuseur public dans un univers de médias sociaux et réussir la transformation numérique. Michel vous fera partager ses expériences en tant que journaliste couvrant des zones de guerre comme l’Afghanistan, la Russie et beaucoup plus.

Monsieur Benoit Suire est le gestionnaire des déploiements à haut risque chez CBC – Radio Canada, depuis 2013. Avec une maîtrise en histoire médiévale de l’Université Toulouse-le-Mirail et une maîtrise en gestion de l’information stratégique de l’EGE – École de Guerre Économique (Paris), il a servi pendant 6 ans comme officier communication et chef du Cabinet de la 11ème Brigade parachutiste (French Airborne), avant d’être affecté au sein du cabinet du chef d’état-major des armées françaises. Plusieurs missions professionnelles à travers l’Europe, l’Asie et l’Afrique, ont doté Monsieur Suire d’une vaste expérience opérationnelle. Il a par ailleurs participé à la mise en œuvre de la communication stratégique et opérationnelle dans le secteur de la défense et créé des liens essentiels entre le secteur public et l’industrie. Benoit discutera comment les journalistes se préparent à couvrir les zones de guerre et comment Radio-Canada gère ces risques.

Mardi 8 septembre | 17 h

Présentation à 18 h

Bar payant sur place

Présentation bilingue 25 $ plus taxes et frais d’administration

Code vestimentaire: Tenue d’affaires décontractée

Endroit: Le Club Univer sitaire de Montréal 2047, Rue Mansfield ,H3A 1Y7