Interested in joining?

Are you a veteran of Montreal’s journalistic scene? Student on the cusp of a media career? Involved in the communications industry? If so, you are eligible to join the Montreal Press Club.

Below, we’ve listed some of the membership benefits:

  • Access to the hospitality of affiliated press clubs across the globe
  • Admission to lecture series and workshops
  • Networking with other media and communications professionals
Membership types
Type Description
ACTIVE MEMBER Media and communications professionals
ASSOCIATE MEMBER Individuals who are ineligible to be active members, but who are in frequent contact with the news media (e.g., publicists, academics, writers, artists, performers, lawyers, etc). Associate members may not vote, hold office or sponsor new members.
NON-RESIDENT MEMBERS Individuals who would qualify to be active members but who do not live in or work within a 60-mile radius of greater Montreal.
STUDENT MEMBERS Students registered in undergraduate or graduate studies or who are active student journalists.
HONORARY MEMBERS Appointed by the Board of Directors.
LIFETIME MEMBERS Approved by members at the Annual General Meeting.
FRIENDS OF THE MPC Sponsors who wish to support the goals and objectives of the Club. Click on “Friends” in the Menu Bar.
MPC BOARD OF DIRECTORS The board consists of ten (10) members. Any active member may nominate one or more active members in good standing for election, which is held at the Annual General Meeting. The Officers of the Board include the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Directors serve for two years and are expected to head at least one committee (i.e., programming, membership, student outreach, fundraising, sponsorship, partnerships, and professional development).


Potential members must sign and complete the MPC application form, found below. Application forms are normally processed within 15 days of receipt.
Members must communicate any change in their postal and email addresses as well as phone number to the secretary within 30 days.



To apply, click here to complete the application form.

If you prefer, you can send a letter answering the questions posed on the form, accompanied by a check to the Montreal Press Club for $35, to the address below.

Montreal Press Club
17 Valois Bay Ave.
Suite 200B
Pointe Claire, QC
H9R 4B4